Wisdom 600 million years in the Making

One fine early summer day on the shore of cape cod bay I met a rock...

I was walking aimlessly along Town Neck Beach contemplating life and the challenge of doing acts of kindness while feeling a bit down from the recent changes in my life.

I paused, looked down and saw a face staring up at me. The face all at once carried an expression of agony, pain but also the sense of age old wisdom that comes from something two billion years in the making.

Once you've met him you can't forget him

Not one to casually remove rocks from our beach, I contemplated taking him with me when an overwhelming sense of calm washed over me. I picked him up and placed him in the pocket of my shorts and continued on my way. A few weeks passed with the rock on the window sill. Every time I looked at him I would smile.

I started telling friends and family sending images to them. The response was universal. Once you met him you can't forget him. And that is certainly true.

...better than water

To some he looks like a punch drunk old boxer, to others he appears to be just drunk. He doesn't drink, he's a rock. But it has been said that he's better than water.

  • Born of the Mattapan Volcanic Complex in the Proterozoic Eon
  • Age around 600 million years old.
  • Composition:    Rhyolite
  • Residence:    Cape Cod - Sandwich MA - USA

...Back to the soul of the story

Pete the Rock got his name on the long 4th of July weekend in 2023 while a group of friends were celebrating our great nation's independence. This summer Pete has managed to entertain, inspire and just bring peace to my life and those who have met him.

He has inspired me to embrace change and be kind to others and believe me, he will do the same for you.